What Is the Total Pillow 2020?

Most people have seen the television advertisements for the Total Pillow or at least some of the ads online for this innovative product. When you first see it, it looks just like your average travel pillow, but once you try it, you might change your mind. This is one pillow that is able to change into a variety of shapes, yet it always bounces back to its standard shape. It is easy to travel with and actually quite unique in style.

What Is The Total Pillow? Total Pillow 2020
This is a soft, round pillow with a hole in the middle of it that is able to twist into just about any shape. It has an ergonomic design so that it will fit around your neck while you are in the car or on a plane, you can put it behind your back while you are working, or you can put it beneath your head when you are reading in bed. It locks into position but then goes right back into position when you are done.

How Does It Work?
The reason why the Total Pillow can change shape so easily is that it is made from over one dozen different compartments that are all filled with beads that allow the pillow to twist. It is covered in a comfortable fleece cover, which means that it is comfortable against your skin, your neck, and your head.

What Are People Saying About the Total Pillow?
When you read the reviews for this product, you will quickly see just how many people have trouble sleeping on planes, reading in bed, or sitting in their office chair for long hours on bed. With the Total Pillow, that is no longer a problem.

“I use this for when I am typing and it’s a godsend for going on long trips.”
— Mercedes, Amazon.com

Another aspect of this pillow that makes it ideal for travel is that you can slide it right onto your carry-on luggage because of the hole in the middle, and have it with you on a plane.

“I love these pillows. They help me to sit comfortably and properly support my mid-back.”
— Jackson, Amazon.com

Where Should You Buy It For The Best Deal?
Right now, the best place to buy the Total Pillow is definitely online. Although you can sometimes find them for sale in some stores, you will not get the guarantee that goes along with it. Also, when you order it online from the official web site, you can take advantage of a buy one get one free offer that also includes a hot/cold compress and a compressed cover for both pillows. This makes the Total Pillow an even better offer and when you keep in mind that it comes with full 30-day money back guarantee, then you know you just can’t go wrong.

Is This The Right Product For You?
Although most people think of the Total Pillow only in terms of it being a travel pillow, there are many more uses for it and you might find out that you want one for your car, one for when you are flying, and one for your desk at home and at work. This is the ideal pillow to help keep your neck and back in alignment and with its tension-easing microbeads, it is always comfortable.

Some people even use this to keep their back in alignment when they sleep, by putting it between their knees or their ankles, not to mention how comfortable it can be behind your head when you are sleeping or reading. All in all, this is an innovative and very versatile product.


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