Should You Buy the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow 2020?

We all know just how important sleep is to how we function during the day, but few of us pay much attention to the pillows that we sleep on. If you do have a favorite pillow, then it might be years old and that also means that you are probably putting your head down on a pillow full of mites, bacteria, germs, and dander every single night. So, if it is time to invest in a new pillow for yourself, then you may want to consider the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow.

What Is the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow?sobakawa cloud pillow 2020
One of the reasons why people doubt that this could possibly work is probably the name. It claims that you will feel like your “head is in the clouds”, and while that not be necessarily true, this pillow has over 10 million beads of air that do really cushion your head. As soon as you lie down on this pillow, you will notice a significant difference over any other kind of pillow.

Now, you do need to be aware of a few things if you are thinking about ordering one of these pillows. Many people report that it is smaller than your standard sized pillow which it is. What it is not though, is a travel sized pillow. It is much larger than that. Pillow size isn’t a major issue because comfort and good sleep are more important overall. Some also say there is a slight smell during the first few days of use but any smell usually goes away and it doesn’t affect their sleep quality.

How Does It Work?
This is a fairly normal looking pillow except that it is a little crescent in shape. It also has a recessed inner section where your head is designed to go. It is for people who sleep on their side, their stomach, and their back, and your neck will still get the same level of support.

There are a couple of features about the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow that people really like, including the fact that it stays cool all night long (so you won’t have to flip over your pillow), that it hold its shape, and that it doesn’t flatten out. This is one pillow that you will never need to fluff again because it always goes back to its normal, soft shape.

What Are People Saying About the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow 2020?
This is one of the few pillows that are just right for people who move around all night. No matter how much you move, your head will remain cradled.

“I absolutely LOVE this pillow! It seems infinitely moldable due to the tiny beads inside it. I can get comfortable in any position — side, back, stomach, any variation.”

“I have tried all types of pillows. This pillow is amazing.”

“I slept so well and woke up with no stiffness and no pain.”

“When I slept on the pillow the first night, I woke up feeling refreshed -and have been ever since then. I’ve always had trouble sleeping. Though the pillow obviously didn’t cure my insomnia, it gave me the deepest sleep I ever had in a short period of time.”

“I slept well both on my back and then later on my side. I awoke with no soreness whatsoever”
B. Holland,

“I am a side sleeper and need neck support, so it needs to be medium to firm. But, I toss and turn all night because my outer ear hurts (unbearable pain) from the pressure from the pillow. Well, other than it being small, it was very comfortable. The microbeads are soft but supportive.”

“No neck pain and my shoulders feel much better in the morning. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a better sleep experience.”
J.R. Stokes,

You might be surprised to hear just how many menopausal women buy this because it helps to stop night sweats and hot flashes during the night.

“This pillow is just right and it helps to keep my head cooler than a regular pillow.”

Even people with sleep apnea issues report great success with this pillow:

“After fighting with a number of various types of bed pillows for over three years and being too cheap to buy the “apnea pillow” I bought a Sobakawa “Cloud Pillow”. It is NOT soft (like a down pillow) but conforms perfectly to my mask. Once I put my head down the pillow’s beads move so that the mask is supported and lying next to my face as it is supposed to (not pushed up as a regular pillow would).”

“I picked one up this weekend and it is the best pillow I have ever used I put it on top of a memory foam pillow”

Where Should You Buy It?
This product used to be sold only on television, but now the best place to get it is online. Although you might be able to find it in some stores, you can now get it a lot cheaper by buying it online and they are also offering a buy one get one free special that makes it even better. When you buy one standard size pillow, you will get another free. They also have a larger full size and queen/king size pillow, all of which also come with a free pillowcase.

Is This the Right Product For You?
If you are one of those kinds of people who are constantly flipping their pillow over all night long, just to find a cool spot, then the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow will completely change the way that you sleep. This pillow stays cool all night long, even where your head is and the fact that it is made from 10 million air beads means that it will continue to support you in spite of every movement that you make. If you are like most people who try the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow, you will wake up feeling more refreshed, with less pain and stiffness in your neck.


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